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This Club exists only because of them!

Here, you will find the list of members that are also breeders


Tribute to our Volunteers

Again this year "THE SHOW" was a success.

Various factors are attributed to this "happy ending", but for a club or non-profit organization, one of the key elements is undoubtedly the fantastic contribution of its volunteers.

Whether they are members or not. Whether working in the shade like the transport clerks, assembly of the rings, the organization or those present at the event; the runners and stewards, those assigned to clean up, the various clinics, reception , ticketing and so on.

All are essential to the success of the competition.

A BIG thank you to all our volunteers, past, present and future! Photo: Jacques Lamarche
Septembre 2015


Sportive parents!

This section is a repository of members that are also breeders.

Note that most have a web site!