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This is a view of the Club's outside agilty courtThis is a view of the Club's outside agilty court!

Public Course

Find below the classes available to Club members and the general public.

Note that the schedule is only for references and that last minute changes can occur.



Agility, both a game and a sport, is an exciting activity practiced by men and women of all ages. It is accessible to almost all dogs, regardless of size or race.

Agility is a sort of obstacle race in which the handler must guide his dog on a course composed of the following different obstacles: fence, bridge, swing, table, tire, slalom, chute, tunnels and various jumps in the order said, without committing mistake and the specified time.

Courses Foundation / Initiation, Agility 1, Agility 2 and Pre-Novice classes are open to both members and non-members. Novice, Intermediate and Expert are reserved for members


This class is for a team in which at least one member has never pracitce Agility before. It requires no prerequisite, but a minimum of control (on leash) is required. The dog must be at least 6 months of age. This course is an introduction to most of the agility obstacles and to various basic exercises that are practiced without obstacles, but very useful on a course. Learning primarily occurs through play and to improve the dog's autonomy in executing the obstacles.


This course is for dog teams who have successfully completed the course Introduction / Foundation or equivalent. The handler must be able to control his dog off leash. This course includes the development of exercises and obstacles seen in Initiation and an introduction of the remaining obstacles... In addition to learning to run the obstacles, the focus, autonomy, recalls and leash control work will be strengthened through various games and mini obstacle sequences.


This course is for dog teams who have successfully completed the course Agility 1 or equivalent. This course includes the development of new exercises and obstacles seen in Agility 1, as well as the introduction to remote working and the basic handling while continuing control work off leash, focus and execution autonomy.


This course is for dog teams who have successfully completed the course Agility 2 or equivalent. The dog must be comfortable in the performance of all obstacles. This course consists mainly of complete runs. It brings precision and development, various handlings, remote working and obstacle discrimination. At the end of this program you will be able to complete runs and, for those who wish, start in the world of competition.


The teams will learn new and more complex handling techniques that will help them improve their performance in competition. The execution of the obstacles as well as control of the dog must have be acquired, as these classes focus on handling complete runs that are increasingly complex.


To avoid problems at home or during our daily walks outside, our canine companion needs to knows the basics of obedience. A dog walking beside his master without pulling, when encountering other dogs, that stays calm without starting to bark and pulling and choking on it's leash is much more pleasant to walk.

Whether for puppy under 6 months or with an older dog, we offer various group classes to help you socialize and train your dog.

Three levels are available to you

Kindergarten Vidéo d'une classe de maternelle.

For puppies under six months: with group supervision.

Different themes: why and how to socialize, your responsibilities, care, use a cage yes or not, games and instructions etc...

Your dog will learn to behave while having fun with other dogs and running different obstacle course. At this age learning through play is great!

Base 1

From the age of six months, school here begins: here your dog will learn to team up with you and walk (all with a leash).

Heeling, sit, down, dog recall ...

How nice it will be for you when you take a walk with your dog!

Base 2

The purpose of this course is to reinforce all his learning and increase the team relationship.

All exercises will now be taught without a leash.


The objective of this course is to bring the team to work in unison in any complicity. Through various exercises of attention and focus, we seek to engage and keep the attention of the dog while gradually increasing the level of distraction. A portion of this course is for learning various fun tips. The game being an important interaction between the master and his dog, it can form and strengthen relationships while fostering respect between master and his dog.

« Without the dog's attention, it is difficult to teach him anything »

And we continue

After this last step, that is to say you finished successfully your Base 2 in either Agility or Obedience, you can join with annual fee, the non-profit Club and participate in your favorite discipline. Other options are also available:

The Club offers both an indoor local and outdoor terrain.

Visit us often to look for registrations periods!

Visit also the membership section for more information about it!


Conformation is a canine discipline that caters to purebred dogs, or registered, to get the championship compliance breed standard.

Conformation is primarily intended for the selection of the best breeders for a race, to improve the breed, but appeals equally to individuals who only want to get their dog's champion title.

As the dog must allow itself to be look up in detail by the judge, it is important to practice the dog to be examine from the “teeth to tail” without moving.

To this end, we offer evening conformation classes given by different people so the dog will get familiar with all kinds of personality.

Although this discipline requires less of a workout than other canines disciplines, it remains that a good symbiotic relationship must exist between the handler and the dog. The handler must learn to show the qualities of his dog and minimize it's defects.

Conformation is a beautiful discipline to share with our dog for all seasons.


Rally-O is a fun activity to practice with your dog. It is a mixture of agility and obedience. Throughout the course you need to have fun, because the happiness that your dog and yourself show, wins you points.

In this course you will learn the different signs that will ask you and your dog to do sits, turn left and run... Throughout the course you have the right to speak and encourage your dog, which is highly recommended.

As the level increases, so will the difficulty of the exercises. There is no judge who tells you what to do. It is a great challenge.

Come and enjoy!

Scent Detection trial

The Club Canin Chomedey is pleased to add as its offer of public courses the Scent Detection trial, a discipline now regulated by the Canadian Kennel Club, presented as follows:

«Scent Detection is a sport that is inspired by working detection dogs that locate a scent and communicate to the handler that the specific scent ha been found. Detection is done in a variety of environments and often during changing conditions that task the skill and concentration of the detection dog.

Scent detection is a positive, challenging activity that allows dogs to use their strongest natural sense in a way that builds and strengthens a foundation of trust between the handler and dog.

A scent detection event is a performance event, which provides a safe and fun activity that is open to all eligible all dogs and their owners. In order for a team to qualify, both the dog and handler must be working together as a team, and must be able to read each other's reactions. Communication and praise of the dog during the search are encouraged in a CKC scent detection event.»